Good People Inc.
Background Check / Drug Screen
Background Check - If requested by the client, Good People Inc. also offers a multitude of external screening methods. Good People is affiliated with several primary information companies who research credit, employment, DMV records, criminal history (felony and misdemeanor), and other verifiable information to handle extensive background checks. Our employment application contains a mandatory release form, allowing us to run any necessary checks. With Good People’s volume contracts, we can administer these background checks at a dramatic discount to our clients.

Drug Screens - Good People is committed to providing a healthy, drug-free, and safe work environment for all employees. When drug screens are required, Good People enlists the help of an outside source. Testing is typically conducted off-site, and the candidate is sent to a qualified lab for a Panel 6 test to screen for drugs and alcohol; results are generally known within 48 hours. 


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